What to expect on the day of your baptism

When do I prepare?

At the conclusion of the service during the prayer time, you can use the restrooms to change and then return immediately to the sanctuary where an usher will direct you to the proper place to await to be baptized. 

What do I wear?

For baptism wear modest shorts and we provide a t-shirt which can be picked up prior to that day or the morning of baptism (Please do not wear white see-through items). Bring a change of clothes, a towel, and a plastic bag for your wet clothes.

Will I have to say anything?

When the Pastor calls for you, there will be an usher that will assist you into the water.  The Pastor will say, “Because of your confession of faith in Jesus Christ, you now profess to this congregation and identify with Christ through baptism that Jesus is the Lord of your life, I baptize you in the name or the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.” You do not have to say anything!  


He will then briefly lower you just under the water, and then you can leave the water, and proceed to the lobby where there will be a photographer that will take a photo.  

Should I invite my friends and family?

This is an amazing decision in your life and it should be shared with your friends and family. We encourage family and friends to experience this day with you and we invite them to take as many pictures as they want and they are encouraged to come to the front as to get a good close up of your experience.

The photo that is taken in the lobby will be sent to you as a gift from us.