What to expect during the Child Dedication ceremony


  • When will the dedication take place?

The Pastor will prompt you to come forward and stand along the front facing the platform; an usher will be available to assist. Either person can hold the child or for older children they can stand beside you. 


  • What about other family members?

We encourage family and friends to experience this time with you. It is okay if you would like family members or friends to stand at the front with you.  




  • Can we take pictures during the dedication?

This is an awesome spiritual time for you and your child. Photos capture these moments and pictures can be taken at anytime during the ceremony. Take as many pictures as you want and we embrace individuals to get a good close up of your experience.



  • What takes place during the ceremony?

The Pastor speaks about the relevance of child dedication and what it means scripturally. He will prompt the parents and congregation to repeat vows that will challenge them to bring up the child in the ways of the Lord. 

 At the conclusion of the ceremony each child will be presented with a certificate of dedication along with a letter from the Pastor that is sealed and to be opened when the child reaches his/her 10th birthday.   

At the conclusion of the ceremony, the Pastor will prayer over each child and parents and then prompts the families to be seated.