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Fishing Information

Roaring River State Park is a trout hatchery. The fishing is much different than most fishing in this area. There are some strict, specific regulations concerning the fishing and cost. Everyone is responsible for their own fishing fees. If you are not sure as what to purchase to fish for trout, most wait until they get to Roaring River to purchase artificial bait (It is difficult to find what you need in this area, even Bass Pro does not always have the proper lures). The rod and reel needed is something light that will accommodate 2-4 pound test line; a small crappie reel is idea. 

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Other Activities

There are many things to do besides fish for trout. Some will take bikes to move around the camp areas. Also, there are many hiking trails and some will take to the trails several times. About one mile from the campsite is a water slide with a place to eat a hamburger or get ice-cream. Normally, one day some will go to the water slide and cool off. In the past, some have taken a break from camping and grabbed the golf clubs and spent a few hours on the golf course just up the road from the campsite. About seven miles from the campsite is Cassville, MO. Here there are restaurants, Wal-Mart, etc. If an individual does not want to stay in a tent and does not have a travel camper, there are cabins in the area that one can reserve a head of time.

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Things to Know


On the week we leave for Roaring River, we normally are ready to depart immediately following church services and stay until the following Friday or Saturday. Some go on that Sunday and stay the entire time. However, there will be those who come down in the middle of the week and some have to leave early; it’s your preference. 


Roaring River State Park is only a short 2 hour and 30 minute trip. There are several routes to take; however, the one that we have found to be the best is to take Hwy 412 to the Cherokee Turnpike out of Chouteau toward Siloam Springs. Continue through Siloam toward Springdale. In Springdale, take Interstate 49 to Hwy 62. Hwy 62 will take you to Hwy 37. Take Hwy 37 to Hwy 112. This will take you to Roaring River State Park.



There are three main camping areas. We normally stay in Camp Site #3 in the Northwest area. There are electric or non-electric campsites; most campers will get a campsite with electric. Everyone is responsible for campsite fees. Each campsite has requirements as of how many campers and vehicles allowed. We team up and put as many on one site as possible. This makes the cost cheaper per person. 

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  • FOOD

Everyone is responsible for their own meals and drinks. However, there will be times when everyone will pitch in and buy items to have dinner together. At least one night, we try to have a corporate fish fry. That is if we can catch a fish!!!

Email us at and let us know if you are going and

when you expect to be there so that we can be looking for you.