We believe that every Christian should be a part of a local church and become connected through membership.  This includes serving, giving and connecting in each service.  We believe becoming a member empowers individuals to have commitment and spiritual growth.

We offer a membership class where you’ll learn the vision and values at Extreme Church.  We will explain our core values and what it means to be a member. This class is a requirement for Membership.  At the end of the class you’ll have an opportunity to become a member of Extreme Church.  

Life Groups

Our life groups are all about connections.  First, we want to connect better with you, by meeting in a smaller setting and spending more one-on-one time with each individual.  We want you to connect better with others in the church through fellowship, games, and of course, food.  We want you to connect better with God by spending intimate time in prayer and in reading His Word.  Finally, we want to connect better with our community through outreach. 

Our Life Groups are on an eight week semester type schedule.  We offer several groups on different evenings to better fit you.  If you are interested in being a part of a Life Group this semester, click on the link below and send us a message and we will contact you. 

If you are worried that you won’t be able to attend each session, don’t be!  Sign up and make as many as you can.