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Donnie Curtis

Favorite Book – Any made into a movie


Favorite Quote – “I know there is more to life than being really, really, really, ridiculously good looking and I intend on finding out what that is.” Derrick Zoolander/Donnie Curtis


Favorite Movie – Fight Club


Dream Vacation – Somewhere with my wife and kids or out filming with Bo Gaines.


What does your “do-nothing” day look like? – I go film or do magic, cause I’m part wizard

Donnie leads and is responsible for all aspects of the praise and worship songs for all weekend experiences while leading the Worship Team members which includes musicians and vocalist. Donnie is the co-writer of Extreme’s new original worship project, “The Grave Could Not Hold You” released September of 2017 in which Donnie did vocals, acoustic guitar and lead and rhythm guitar.