Pilate said, “So you are a king?” Jesus responded, “You say I am a king. Actually, I was born and came into the world to testify to the truth. All who love the truth recognize that what I say is true.”
John 18:37 (NLT)


We have just celebrated the Death, Burial, and Resurrection of Christ. The Gospel! The Good News!


This Good News will set you free! Free from everything that keeps you in bondage.


Free from:

  • Guilt

  • Shame

  • Fear

  • Past failures

  • Past bad choices


The TRUTH of the Good News will set you free!

I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life! -Jesus Christ


In the passage in John 18, Jesus was facing death as He was questioned by Pilate the Roman Governor.


As Pilate was attempting to clarify that Jesus had done nothing wrong to deserve death, he questioned Jesus as whether He was a king. Of course, Pilate was referring to an earthly king.


It was confusing to people to hear a person talk about a kingdom, especially Jesus talking about His kingdom but never referring to Himself as a king.


Pilate was confused!    


Jesus’ agenda was not here on earth…..It was to make ready the kingdom on earth to one day be in the Kingdom of Heaven.


Jesus was about the TRUTH, not popularity; not fame.


The TRUTH is……..The Kingdom!


Jesus said that those who love TRUTH will recognize the TRUTH of the Word!

Why do we ask God for His advice when we are determined to do what we want anyway!


If God said it, I don't have an opinion!


The WORD is the only true, precise, objective TRUTH that we have.


There are so many voices in the world that attempt to discount the truth and create a subjective agenda.


There is only One Truth. The TRUTH has guidelines to protect us.


In 2 Peter chapter three…..The writer says that in the last days there will be those who will come mocking the TRUTH and teaching and following their own desires.


The writer continues by encouraging the reader to be on guard and not be carried away by this nonsense; this is created by wicked people.


How do you do this? Grow in knowledge. Grow in the TRUTH of the Word!


The Apostle Paul writes to Timothy that there will come a day when people will fall for anything they hear. In fact, they will seek out whatever they want to hear instead of the TRUTH!


I never understood why a person would only seek what they wanted to hear. As soon as they hear what they want to, then they say, “Here is the TRUTH!”


What good does that do?


That would be like looking up at the blue sky and asking 20 people who walk by what color the sky is. 

When the 20th person says “blue” and you say, “No it isn’t!” He says, “Yes, it is!”

Finally, after a period of time arguing the guy asks, “What do you want it to be?” “Green!” you reply. Staring he says, "Okay, it’s green then" and he walks away.


Hello! The sky is still blue. It didn’t change just because you wanted it to!”


They will follow their own desires and will look for teachers who will tell them whatever their itching ears want to hear. They will reject the truth and chase after myths.   
2 Timothy 4:3-4 (NLT)


Truth is, you can't change the TRUTH


Jesus says that those who love the truth will know the TRUTH.

We can’t change the TRUTH by just believing something different.

Jesus is the TRUTH!


The TRUTH is, “He died, was buried, and rose on the third day to be seated by Father God and there is a place prepared for you and me to be with Him forever.


TRUTH is, He doesn’t want anyone to miss this!

Be ready to meet Him face-to-face one day.



“Lord, thank You for Your Truth.
Help us be on guard for those who try to twist the Truth.  
May we be diligent in seeking Your Word and coming to know the Truth. Your Truth will surely set us Free!
Thank you for being patient with us and loving us unconditionally. Amen"