What is your temperature concerning being in God’s House?

 “Passion for God’s house will consume me.”   John 2:17b (NLT)


Here in this passage, Jesus had just ran out all of the people who were making a mockery of the Temple.

They were selling sacrificial elements in the Temple and cheating people.



Jesus is quoting King David from one of his Psalms.

Do you have a passion for God's house?


David is basically saying, “The idea of going to the Temple and worshiping God CONSUMES me!"

He was ABSORBED by being in the House of God. Just the very thought of being there gave him a zeal, a powerful compelling emotion, and an enthusiasm that engaged his every thought.


Two Questions concerning your temperature toward God’s house.


1. Do you have a passion for God’s House? 


When I use the term “God’s House” I am referring to the local church. This is the equivalent to the Temple for the writers and the audience in John.

 What is your temperature when Sunday is approaching?

 Are you cold; meaning that it’s not a real big deal? Maybe, you wait until Saturday night or Sunday morning before you decide whether you are going to attend or not!

 Maybe you are lukewarm. You like to go but there are times when other things compete with your attendance.

I believe from this quote, Jesus and David indicate a person who is in love with God so much that just the very thought of spending time with a group of other believers worshiping, praising, praying, singing, hearing God’s Word ignites them up so much that they are on FIRE with enthusiasm to be in His House!


What would our lives look like if we could grab a hold of this concept
and really had a passion to be in God's House to the point of desperation?


One thing that I see is that if this statement were true for every proclaimed Christian, the average attendance of American churches would not be 1.5 services per month/ per person.

Every church in America would be having to launch multiple services to make room for everyone.  



2. Does the idea of God’s House consume you?


What consumes your thoughts; money, work, family, wealth, promotion, or popularity?

 What comes to your mind when God or church is the topic?

Jesus and David say that when the Temple comes to mind, every other thought burns up; disappears. The very thoughts of the House of God consume every other thought in the mind.   


"Church attendance is as vital to a disciple as a transfusion
of rich, healthy blood to a sick man." - D.L. Moody


God’s House is a place of healing. God’s house is a place of refuge. God’s House is a place of Community. God’s House is a place where individuals can carry out their God-given gifts and abilities.  


It is God’s desire that Christian people go every week to His House to worship and experience Community. Every week God is speaking a Word!

When a person misses, he misses a Word from God.

 I read this quote; it is so true. “It takes 90 gallons of water to baptize a Christian and only 9 drops of rain to keep him at home!”

I believe when a person really acquires a passion for God’s House, it will powerfully consume him.

What is your temperature concerning being in God’s House?



“Lord, I pray for everyone hearing or reading this devotion today. Stir up a desire inside of them to acquire a passion for Your House. Give them a overwhelming craving to experience Your presence in the local church.
You created the Church and connected it to Your Son Jesus Christ. There is no separation of Christ and the Church.
Help us to see the distractions that hinder our attendance and coming each week to worship You.
God, I know You want to meet with us; speak to us; and show us Your goodness. We love You and want to please You.  
Thank you for being God! Amen."