Speak to Your Mountain.

Then Jesus said to the disciples, “Have faith in God. 23 I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen. But you must really believe it will happen and have no doubt in your heart. 24 I tell you, you can pray for anything, and if you believe that you’ve received it, it will be yours. Mark 11:22-24 (NLT)


The term "Have faith in God" literally means, "Have the faith of God."

  • Having full, perfect, confident, and strong faith in Him!

The context comes from the first verse, "Have faith in God."

So, we must look at the passages with "faith" as the theme.

The entirety of the Scriptures must revert back to the theme of faith.

  • This is not a blanket promise or a command to change the terrain.. Its more about the strength and power from God to speak to our cricumstances so they move at our command.

What seems difficult for you is easy with God!

There are two things we need to know about difficult obstacles that get in the way.


1. No obstacle should stand in the way of our faith in God. 


There is no obstacle or difficulty that is more powerful than God; He is all powerful.

Jesus states in verse 23 “I tell you the truth, you can say to this mountain, ‘May you be lifted up and thrown into the sea,’ and it will happen. But you must really believe it will happen and have no doubt in your heart.”

In this passage Christ employs a hyperbole probably pointing to a well known mountain that is in their view; the Mount of Olives.

  • Implying that there is an accomplishment taking place that normally would be impossible.   

At the sound of YOUR voice, under the strength and power of God, No obstacle can get in the way!

 The language of speaking to a mountain and telling it to lift and be thrown into the sea was a term used in the school of the Jews and was familiar with this audience; it was common language.

 One might say about a teacher, “He is a rooter up or remover of mountains.” This was to set out those teachers among them that were more prominent for their profoundness of their learning.

 So, Jesus was speaking in common, understandable language.

 Jesus was obviously not referring to a real physical mountain, but obstacles that might get in the way of the kingdom or things that cause a stumbling block for individuals.


Having the faith of God gives a believer the tenacity to speak to
the difficulties and challenges and command them to move out.

2. We can face and conquer mountains of difficulties by our faith in God. 

Faith in God is the means of our power.

 Jesus begins His statement with the concept of faith because this is the only way to please God.

 “And it is impossible to please God without faith.” Hebrews 11:6 (NLT)

Faith is the evidence of things we cannot see.
It is the substance of things we hope for!
- Hebrews 11:1

When obstacles are stacking up in your path and appear to be impossible mountainous terrain…….Remember……..All things are possible with God!

 God “rewards those who sincerely seek him.” (Heb. 11:6b)

Speak to your MOUNTAIN!

Listen, those who do not have “faith of God” will be just like the former passages in this text.

“The next morning as they passed by the fig tree he had cursed, the disciples noticed it had withered from the roots up…….‘The fig tree you cursed has withered and died!’” Mark 11:20-21 (NLT).

Without “faith” the obstacle will overcome us and rule our lives and we will produce no fruit.

BUT, those who embrace “the faith of God” will grow and produce the fruit of:

  • Victory

  • Forgiveness

  • Confidence

  • Power

  • Strength

“Have faith in God!”



“God I want to thank You for giving us the opportunity to acquire the kind of faith it takes to be an overcomer.
You have given us everything we need to WIN!
Lord, I speak to every obstacle that tries to block the path of these readers. I command the mountains to move and get out of the way.
Thank you for Your Word today.  In Jesus name, Amen!